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About Kate

For several years now, Iíve been communicating with the angels.  In talking with the angelic realm Iíve come to know an amazing peace within my spirit. The love they exude is profound indeed.  Now Iím being guided to share these communications - this love - with others through Angel Readings.

There is great responsibility in providing angel readings to the public. I am diligent in documenting the information given to me as accurately as humanly possible. At this time I will only be providing email readings.

Know that in all the physical world hiccups, sadness and challenges, you are not alone Ė you are in fact a crowd of angels.  Letís find out what God's Messengers, the angels, have to say to help make the physical world easier.  I look forward to sharing heavenly communications with you through your Angel ReadingÖ

In love and light,

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